UnitWriter® Software

Curry/Samara curriculum units help to differentiate instruction for all.

Develop rich, exciting units of study for regular, gifted and inclusion classrooms with this user friendly, multi-faceted program. UnitWriter can also be used to support RTI initiatives; and because research has shown significant increases in student performance with ongoing use of our Model, training for and use of CSM materials is covered by many funding sources.

  • Planning for differentiated instruction so all students can engage in meaningful activities is made easy by the matrix format of our curriculum planning tool.
  • Addressing thinking skills in the classroom is facilitated by built in guides and "cheat sheets" to assure varied instruction utilizing a wide range of thinking skills and learning styles.
  • Authentic assessment is an integral part of creating curriculum using our software. Hundreds of product ideas, in four modalities are built into the program.
  • Incorporating state standards into curriculum planning is simple. Standards for several states are included in a data base format (IL, IN, KY, MI, NC, OH, TX), and UnitWriter 2 provides links to every state department's accountability page. Using the new "Add Custom Standards" function you can easily cut and paste a code and full text description into your lesson plans and matrix.

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UnitWriter Software System Requirements:
Windows XP and above;
Macintosh OSX: 10.4 with Java 1.5 or greater;
256 MB Ram



$ 60.00 CD
$ 49.95 E-distribution
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