Training sessions are interactive, energetic and motivating.

Training and Coaching Services

The Curriculum Project provides professional development and coaching to assist you in implementing our time-tested, evidence-based, instructional strategies.

The Curriculum Project’s approach to training allows us to develop rich and lasting relationships with our clients while preparing them to achieve statistically significant improvement in student performance. Our consultants are trained in Model Classrooms Project (MCP) and Curry/Samara Model (CSM) strategies & techniques by the Models’ creators John Samara & Jim Curry. Training is available on a short-term or ongoing basis and can be customized to fit the needs of your school, district, or agency.

Model Classrooms Project® Training
During our most popular training, you will learn how to effectively implement the strategies pioneered by John Samara as part of his acclaimed Model Classrooms Project. MCP empowers educators to improve efficiency in planning and instruction while dramatically increasing the efficacy of lessons. MCP strategies fall within the instructional categories of content, thinking, product, assessment, facilitation and reflection with a focus on implementation!

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Our nationally recognized MCP training is now available online!  Click here to learn more.

Curry/Samara Model® Training
During Curry/Samara Model (CSM) training your will learn an integrated, standards-based approach to teaching that is designed for use in regular, gifted and inclusion classrooms. CSM training prepares educators to engage learners at all levels through the use of our dynamic CSM approach to classroom instruction.

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