StandardWriter® Software

Create rubrics and product guides for authentic assessment.

Imagine rubric writing software that:

  • is easy to use;
  • walks you through the creation of rubrics and product guides in a step by step fashion;
  • provides lists of ideas for student products in four learning styles, with the ability to add your own;
  • includes banks of modality specific parts and attributes to build crystal clear performance standards.

Then, add to that:

  • state standards in a data base format, built in for ready reference; links to all states' standards pages with a function to paste directly into your rubric;
  • the ability to add rating columns, with a long list of header ideas, and the ability to add your own;
  • control of font style, color, and size;
  • the ability to add bullets in several formats;
  • the option to build a bank of content standards to define the required subject based information that should be incorporated within your product.

Multi-user licensing now available.

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System Requirements:
Windows XP and above;
MacintoshOS 10.1.3 and above with Java 1.4.
256 MB Ram



$ 60.00 CD
$ 49.95 E-distribution
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