Curriculum Project Software Training

Training is based on expressed needs. Our focus in software training is to make the technology an easy to use asset as teachers develop tools for immediate use in their classrooms. We walk teachers through each step of the installation and set-up process to ensure that users are comfortable with the process, in order to be better able to focus on the content.

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Software training should take place in a computer lab, or with laptop computers configured with Internet access. Minimum system requirements are essential, see individual software programs for details. No more than 2 teachers per computer is recommended.

  • Two hours: includes all functionalities of the software;
  • One half to a full day: includes all functionalities of the software; focus is on the development of a performance guide, loop deck, rubric or unit of study (depending on the software in use);
  • One half to a full day: LoopWriter Software as a Tool to Enhance Academic Vocabulary;
  • Two days: includes all functionality and the development of end products with an added focus on software specific topics:
    • StandardWriter &/or BehaviorWriter Software: Authentic assessment strategies driven by state/ Common Core Standards; developing a campus wide Core Product Map, or other.
    • UnitWriter Software: Grade level, subject area, G/T common curriculum units.

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