Product Guide Kits

Improve student performance using assessment tools that have high standards for writing, speaking, visual aids and hands-on projects.

Balancing tests, quizzes and worksheets with more authentic means of assessment is time consuming and especially difficult with special ed, general ed and gifted students in any one class. Providing clear standards and fair, consistent grading while adjusting instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners is a goal of every teacher.

With our Product Guides you will have the tools to establish clear guidelines for products, projects, assignments and portfolio entries. Available at four grade spans, each kit features 16 product guides: 4- Visual, 4- Written, 4- Oral and 4- Kinesthetic; in a durable, display binder with teacher proven strategies on the back. Volume discounts are available.



Level 1 Kit, Grades K - 2
includes: collection, demonstration, model, skit, class discussion, show and tell/description, how-to talk, reading to the class, book jacket, drawing, poster, story map, description, explanation, poem, story.

$ 30.00

Level 2 Kit, Grade 3 - 5
includes: demonstration, diorama, mobile, model, class discussion, mock interview, newscast, oral book report, pie chart, poster, tree chart, web, friendly letter, newspaper story, poem, report.

$ 30.00

Level 3 Kit, Grade 6 - 8
includes: dramatization, board game, model, demonstration, mock interview, informative speech, panel discussion, oral report, poster, concept cube, bar graph, timeline, report, poem, newspaper story, business letter.

$ 30.00

Level 4 Kit, Grades 9 - 12
includes: demonstration, dramatization, model, simulation, debate, oral report, poem, persuasive speech, round table discussion, collage, flowchart, poster, Venn diagram, letter of inquiry, research paper, persuasive essay.

$ 30.00

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