LoopWriter® Software

Create I have/ Who has loop games to delight learners of all ages. LoopWriter is an inexpensive, user friendly software program for creating card games to help students of any age learn their subject matter - and have fun at the same time! Loop Games keep students engaged, cooperating and eager for more. LoopWriter has palettes of math and Spanish symbols, supports the use of clip art and the creation of games in Spanish, French, German or English; and loop games are the newest rage in SLP and ESL tools. Multi-user licensing now available.

Free On Line Video Tutorial: LoopWriter Training on YouTube. See specific instructions on features and functions of LoopWriter Software.

Not convinced?  Click here to access free, sample games in pdf to download, print and play, or click here to download a FREE 10 day trial version of the software.

System Requirements:
Windows XP and above;
Macintosh OS 10.3 and above with Java 1.4.
256 MB Ram


1. Type in questions and answers.
2. Select how you want your deck to print (2, 4, 6 cards per page, etc.).
3. Print, cut out and enjoy.
4. Make sure to checkout the Loop Group, to see all the free games available to members.


$ 29.95 CD
$ 24.95 E-distribution
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