How to Use the Loop Group Page

How to Use the Loop Games Page
Loop Group members, click here to go to the sign in page to preview and download completed decks. If you are not yet a member, click here to learn how to join.

  1. To sort by title, grade or subject: click on a column header or use the menus at the bottom of the page.
  2. To view a deck online: click on the title of the deck. You will see a list of the questions and answers in that deck, but not the cards as they would print.
  3. To download a deck: click on the D to the left of the deck's title, (appears when a member has signed in).
  4. To import a downloaded deck into LoopWriter: click on the deck from your computer to open LoopWriter. From the File pull down menu in LoopWriter, choose "Save Deck As", rename the deck if you like, and click "Save Deck." Once the deck is saved in your decks folder, you can delete the downloaded copy.
  5. Click here for simple instructions on How to Play a Loop Game.

Try a few games before joining
Click here to access sample decks that non-users of LoopWriter can download and print. After you play a few games, we're confident you’ll be back to purchase LoopWriter, and join the Loop Group.


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