Learning Objective Dry Erase Charts

Display learning expectations for students and visitors, in Spanish or English, in a straightforward, common sense format.

Articulating the types of thinking and product(s) that students will use to learn the content is key in helping them to understand exactly what the teacher's expectations are. With ample space for teacher entries that can be read from across the room; suggested cognitive verbs, thinking skills definitions and over thirty products are included in lighter print for close up viewing.

Each dry erase chart is accompanied by teacher proven, user friendly instructional strategies that will support interdisciplinary instruction and vertical alignment.

The 11 X 17 inch English version is laminated on both sides, printed on a rigid card stock and includes a dry erase marker with an eraser cap.

The 18 X 26 inch version is available in English, in four colors, helping you to differentiate learning objectives for each subject, course or class period. And in Spanish, one color only. Each is laminated on both sides and printed on durable, heavy paper that allows for rolling and easy storage.




$ 8.00 11x17
$ 10.00 18x26, Aqua
$ 10.00 18x26, Lilac
$ 10.00 18x26, Red
$ 10.00 18x26, Yellow
$ 10.00 18x26, Spanish
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