The Loop Group

The Loop Group is a rapidly growing consortium of teachers who share academically oriented Loop Games using the Loop Games Share Page on our website. Click here for a sneak peek of all the games currently available.

Membership Privileges

  1. sort games by grade level, subject area and title;
  2. view the contents of the games online;
  3. download the games that you like;
  4. use the games that you download as is; and
  5. modify the games that you download, to suit your specific curriculum needs.

How to Join the Loop Group

  1. Download and then install the latest version of LoopWriter by clicking here.
  2. Send one completed Loop Game to be shared by other teachers. To do so, open LoopWriter and go to the file menu, select "Properties" and sign in with your email address (one time only). Check to make sure that your game meets all of the criteria on the Loop Game Rubric (click here to view Rubric); and then choose "Upload Deck" from the File menu.
  3. Wait to hear from us. We will critique the game that you send, using the Loop Game Rubric, to verify that all games posted for sharing with other Loop Group members meet these minimum requirements. If you need to make changes, we will get in touch with you. When your game is "good to go" we will send you an email, welcoming you to the Loop Group.

Try a few games before joining

Click here to access sample decks that non-users of LoopWriter can download and print. After you play a few games, we're confident you'll be back to purchase LoopWriter, and join the Loop Group.

Remember, only Loop Group members can preview and download the full list of completed decks. Click on the Loop Group Index Page button at the top of this page, to see the full list of games available to Loop Group members


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