Help students identify a variety of cognitive tools for problem solving.

Teaching all students to extend their ability to use higher order thinking is a requirement of many state and professional groups. As an educator, you know it is also in the best interest of every child in your class.

Engaging students in the process of thinking will improve their performance on tests, will help them make connections from class to class and will support a school-wide culture based on thinking. With our bright, colorful posters, they will be challenged and supported in this learning process.

7-Piece Interactive Thinking Skills Poster Sets

Featuring seven 12 x 18 inch posters with an icon that students or teachers move from the home base to the poster depicting the type of thinking being used. Our posters can be kept rectangular, or cut out to the shapes shown. Velcro dots are provided to attach to the icon and to each poster in the set. Available in three styles (Rain Forest Frogs; Buses; Hot Air Balloons and in Spanish).

Thinking Skills Poster Sets of 6

Using the revised Bloom’s taxonomy levels of thinking, these 6 poster sets will catch the attention of all thinkers, to assure that teacher and students are practicing higher order thinking. 12 X 18 inch; available in 4 styles (Tossing Verbs; Holding Verbs; Texting Verbs; Sneakers).




COST: $25 each.

7-Piece School Bus Set
7-Piece Hot Air Balloon Set
7-Piece Rainforest Frog Set
7-Piece Spanish Rainforest Frog Set
Tossing Verbs 6 Poster Set
Holding Verbs 6 Poster Set
Texting Verbs 6 Poster Set
Sneakers 6 Poster Set
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