The Curry/Samara Model® of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment (CSM)

CSM involves a variety of field-tested, staff development options that help K-12 educators engage students of all abilities and learning styles through specific, dynamic instructional strategies. CSM addresses differentiation from three dimensions (content, process & product), and focuses on the implementation of instructional strategies in six categories (content, thinking, product, assessment, facilitation, reflection). You will learn to create rich and effective lesson plans and units of study based on state and/or local curricula and assessments.

Curry/Samara Model Training:

Curry/Samara Model Overview
Participants develop an understanding of the Curry/Samara Model of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. Discussion includes an overview of this integrated, standards based approach to teaching and learning. An overview session focuses on concrete strategies to bring about increased levels of success for all students. Recommended length: ½ or 1 full day.

Unit Writing Institutes
Workshop is designed to help educators incorporate their state standards into dynamic instructional units and lesson plans. Participants use UnitWriter Software which includes the Common Core standards, state standards for several states and the ability to cut and paste from any document into our format. Recommended length: 1-3 days depending on agency goals.

Guided Unit Writing is a follow-up to a Unit Writing Institute in which participants develop units of study and lesson plans on an ongoing basis.

Thinking Skills and Questioning Strategies Training

Questioning Strategies That Rock Student Performance
Discover five techniques to improve your students' success rates through the use of increasingly effective questioning strategies. You will notice the benefits immediately, and the benefits will grow as your fluency with the strategies grows.Recommended length: ½ or a full day.

Higher Order Thinking
Learn how to teach thinking in an effective, systematic way whether it be for a PreK or 12th grade classroom. Make higher order thinking a habit by instituting these strategies to teach and reinforce thinking skills many times and in many ways during each lesson. Recommended length: ½ or a full day.

Product and Performance Assessment Training

Product & Performance Assessment Workshops
Designed to assist teachers to have students produce/perform for a reasonable percentage of virtually every class period, alternating among written, visual, kinesthetic and oral product modalities. By identifying authentic student products and creating assessments that support academic and real world success, students remain engaged in the learning process. Training includes the use of StandardWriter Software, a tool for creating Product Guides and Rubrics. Recommended length: 1-3 days depending on agency goals. 


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