BehaviorWriter Software

BehaviorWriter© makes it easy for educators to develop custom performance guides that help students manage academic and social skills. BehaviorWriter is so easy to use that you will be writing successful achievement standards for students in minutes. It is a powerful, user friendly package that will walk you through the creation of performance guides in a step-by-step fashion. It has hundreds of behaviors and related actions built in, that have been field-tested by thousands of teachers over the past ten years. Just point and click.

With BehaviorWriter you will:

  • create effective guides for your students' academic and social skills;
  • choose from lists of built in academic and social skills, and customize for your class;
  • build performance guides using our skill area specific behaviors and actions, and add your own;
  • add state academic standards or copy and paste other standards for display on the printed guide;
  • add rating columns, color and font styling and bullets;
  • place lines and columns for ease of use, or remove from the same guide for other uses;
  • print a cover page with areas for student name, guide author and signatures that may be required for documentation.

Call us for pricing, general information, immediate assistance, or for information on our multi-user licenses at 800-867-9067.

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System Requirements:
Windows XP and above;
Macintosh OSX: 10.4 with Java 1.5 or greater;
256 MB Ram



$ 60.00 CD
$ 49.95 E-distribution

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