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Ten Steps to Writing Better Essays
This easy-to-follow, standards-based guide, by Drs. Judy Montgomery and Nancy Kahn, is ideal for older students who have difficulty organizing their thoughts and materials before writing expository essays. Developed from research on a real eleventh grade English class, Ten Steps includes:
  • Evidence-based research from a real eleventh grade English class.
  • Scripted lessons for teachers to follow.
  • Actual samples for each step from a class.
  • Student materials to photocopy or print from the CD-ROM.
  • List of McREL Language Arts Standards linked to each step.
  • Sample IEP goals for writing, listening, and speaking linked to each step.
  • 134 pages. Perfect-bound.

$ 34.95

Start-In: Students Are Responding to

START-IN (Students Are Responding To Intervention), developed by Drs. Judy Montgomery and Barbara J. Moore, is a nine-week, 45-hour, small-group (1-5 students), evidence-based program for struggling readers in elementary grades (preferably grades 3-8).
This Response to Intervention Program consists of 16 Tasks that address the five building blocks of reading according to National Reading Panel (NRP) - Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Text Comprehension. Students with reading difficulties complete the 16 tasks in one hour sessions, five days a week, using reading materials from their classroom or library.

Field tested for three years in urban schools, START-IN reduces unnecessary or inappropriate referrals to special education. The 112-page START-IN book explains the eight steps to begin the program, the research behind the tasks, detailed instructions for completing the tasks, and how to measure student responsiveness.
START-IN includes:
  • Uses only research-based strategies.
  • Teaches rather than tests.
  • Is ideal for underperforming schools.
  • Helps students avoid unnecessary labels.
  • Encourages collaboration between Speech-Language Pathologists, Special Education and Resource Teachers, and Reading Specialists.
  • Meets IDEA 2004 provisions to assess a student's responsiveness to intervention before referral for special education assessment.
  • Includes all activity sheets, data collection forms, parent permission, and administrator checklists in the book and on the CD-ROM.
$ 44.95

Start-In: 100 Lesson Plans for 28 Children’s Books
Spend time teaching instead of planning with 100 STudents Are Responding To INtervention Lesson Plans. This reproducible book contains 100 complete lesson plans addressing all 16 Tasks in the START-IN program. Each lesson has all the information you need to complete a one-hour START-IN session. Copy directly from the book, or use the printable CD-ROM. The CD-ROM includes a blank template for creating your own lesson plans.
The lesson plans come from 28 contemporary and popular fictional children's books for Grades 3-8. All lessons are rich in vocabulary. The book also includes a reproducible word list for extra practice with Syllable Types (Task #4).
Based on the Start-In Program created by Drs. Judy Montgomery & Barbara Moore.

Authors: S Hill, T. Hutton, K. Stuckey;

$ 44.95


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